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Время проведения 14 сентября - 18 сентября
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Textual Heritage and Information Technologies


Место Австрия, Вена
Email elmanuscript2018.slawistik@univie.ac.at

We are pleased to invite submissions of abstracts for the El’Manuscript-2018 interna- tional conference on the creation and development of information systems for stor- age, description, processing, analysis, and publication of medieval and early modern handwritten and printed texts and documentary records. Any person involved in the creation or application of these resources—including researchers; instructors; staff of libraries, museums, and archives; programmers, and undergraduate and graduate students—is welcome to participate.

El’Manuscript-2018 is the seventh in a series of biennial international conferences entitled “Textual Heritage and Information Technologies” that brings together lin- guists, specialists in historical source criticism, IT specialists, and others involved in studying and publishing our textual heritage. Along with the lectures, a summer school will be part of the conference, which will allow practitioners to become familiar with various systems and methods for working with manuscripts andtexts.

The working language of the 2018 conference is English. In the philological sections talks in Russian are welcome, but should be accompanied by powerpoint slides in English. Papers presented at the conference will be published in a volume of pro- ceedings and on the textualheritage.org website.

Организаторы:Vienna University; European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration, Centre for Cultural Property Protection, Department for Building and Environment, University for Continuing Education, Krems; Izhevsk State Technical University
Контакты:Institut für Slawistik der Universität Wien, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 3, A-1090 Vienna; Dr. Karl Dorrekstr

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